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Caleb on the Gizmondo (2006)

The Handheld AR project extended from PDAs and Smartphones to commercial gaming consoles. In July 2006 we ported our simple demo that shows our technology onto Gizmondo gaming device.

This demo shows an animated character rendered live on an ARToolKitPlus marker.

The demo uses

  • ARToolKitPlus for vision tracking.

  • OpenGL ES to render the video background and the 3D model hardware accelerated using the the built-in GoForce 4500.

  • FPK our animation package for PDAs and mobile phones for animating the virtual character.

All processing is done natively on the unmodified (except unlocking for running unsigned software) Gizmondo. The overall framerate is 25 frames per second. Porting our existing demo from Windows Mobile Smartphones to the Gizmondo took 1 day...

Click on the images on the right side to view a larger version.

Demo Download

If you own an unlocked Gizmondo, you can download our demo from here and run it on your device. Just copy the files from the ZIP onto the root folder of your SD Card and run it via the games section in the shell. When the demo starts for the first time on a device, it will create a lookup table which takes about 10 seconds (screen stays black for 10 secs). This LUT is cached in a file, so every further startup should be instant.

Please note: This demo will only work on unlocked devices. Do not ask us how to unlock your device! We will not provide any support for this.

To use the demo you'll need a printout of an ARToolKitPlus marker. The demo is programmed to accept any ARToolKitPlus marker with a "simple id" and a thin border (0.125). This PDF contains such a marker for easy printout.



A big thanks goes to King from www.GizzedINC.com for helping out with porting this demo.




A high quality video can be found in the Media/Press section.






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