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Caleb on Smartphone (2006)

The Handheld AR project extended from PDAs to Smartphones. In March 2006 we created a simple demo that shows our technology on an i-mate SP5 phone (aka HTC Tornado).

This demo shows an animated character rendered live on an ARToolKitPlus marker.

The demo uses

  • DSVideoCE (not available for public release yet) for reading the camera and converting the video stream from the native camera format YV12 to RGB565 (video background display) and gray (vision tracking).

  • ARToolKitPlus for vision tracking.

  • Klimt for rendering a 3D model world-aligned on top of the marker.

  • FPK our animation package for PDAs and mobile phones.

All processing is done natively on the unmodified (except unlocking for running unsigned software) smartphone. The overall framerate is 11-12 frames per second. Porting our existing technology from Windows Mobile PDAs to the Smartphone took 2 days...

Click on the image to view a larger version of the picture.


A high quality video can be found in the Media/Press section.



























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