handheld augmented reality

Augmented Reality Anywhere and Anytime   


   Social Augmented Reality

   Information Presentation

   Real-Time Self Localization

   Structural Modelling

   AR Graphics

   AR Navigation

   Augmented Reality Games

   Past Projects



   Hybrid SLAM

   Panorama SLAM

   Planar SLAM

   Model-Based Tracking

   Marker-Based Tracking


Software Libraries

   Studierstube ES

   Studierstube Tracker










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The Handheld Augmented Reality
Project is supported by the
following institutions:



Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft


Graz University of Technology




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Pictures and Video of the
Christian Doppler Lab Opening Ceremony

January 20th, 2009


Rector Prof. Dr. Sünkel


Prof. Dr. Schmalstieg


Prof. Dr. Gervautz


Dr. Welzig


Video of all Talks

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