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   Information Presentation

   Real-Time Self Localization

   Structural Modelling

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   Hybrid SLAM

   Panorama SLAM

   Planar SLAM

   Model-Based Tracking

   Marker-Based Tracking


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The Handheld Augmented Reality
Project is supported by the
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Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft


Graz University of Technology




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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


Please read this F.A.Q. before sending us emails!


Why are there no demos for download?

We usually do not provide demos for download (unless mentioned otherwise). We do not have the resources to give support in getting demos to run on someone's setup.


I read about your library 'XYZ' on your webpage. Where can I download it?

We currently do not provide any of our libraries for download.


I want to download Studierstube for mobile phones - where can i find it?

Studierstube for handheld devices (Studierstube ES) is a closed source project. We do currently not distribute or license it.


How does Studierstube ES relate to Studierstube 4?

Studierstube ES and Studierstube 4 are completely separate project that do not share any source code. Studierstube 4 does not run on mobile phones (please don't send us emails how to achieve this), but is available for free here. Studierstube ES is not open source, but works on desktop as well as mobile phone platforms.


I want to do AR on mobile phones too - how do I start?

We can not give support in developing AR software. AR is a highly interdisciplinary field including graphics, networking, tracking, user interface design and especially for handheld AR a lot of low level programming too. Usually the best way to start, is to work at an institution that already does so. Unfortunately there is no introductory text yet on how to start doing AR on embedded devices. The closest is probably Daniel Wagner's PhD thesis which we recommend as starting point.


Can I use your pictures and videos for commercial purposes?

Unless otherwise state, before using our material commercially please send us an email describing what you want to use it for. In almost any case we will not object...


But i still have questions left...

If you browsed our webpages, followed the advices on this page and you still have open issues, then feel free to send us an email. For legal and organizational issues or questions about Studierstube in general, please contact Dieter Schmalstieg. For questions specific to the Handheld AR project please contact Hartmut Seichter.








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