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Detection and Tracking of 3D Objects

The techniques developed for our work on wide area localization are now also used for our latest high-speed natural feature tracker that can detect and track real 3D objects rather than planar objects only. We perform real-time scale space keypoint detection (20Hz) on a mobile phone. The applied tracker is an extended version of the tracker used for our work on "Multiple Target Detection and Tracking" and can track objects with 6-10ms or less per frame on a mobile phone once the object has been detected.


The following video shows a tech preview of our new tracker running on a notebook with a web cam. Detection is performed at 640x480 at less than 10ms per frame, which is faster than many "normal corner detectors". Once the object has been detected it is tracked at less than one millisecond (1000Hz) per frame.




The video below shows a tech preview of the same technique as the video above, but running on a mobile phone. Due to the limited processing capabilities detection is running at 320x240 only.




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