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Subsurface Features Visualization on Handhelds (2006)

For the ISMAR 2006 demo session we created a Windows CE version of the Vidente City Visualization application - a project run by Erick Mendez and Gerhard Schall.

As always, all processing is done natively on the device itself.

Click on any of the pictures below to get a larger version.

Vidente runs on any Windows CE device. At ISMAR 2006 we demonstrated Vidente on the following devices:


Smartphone (i-mate SP5)

Processor: 200MHz ARM

3D: Software OpenGL ES

Screen: 240x320

Camera: 320x240

OS: Windows Mobile 2005

Weight: 106g

Framerate: 5-13 fps

With its slow 200MHz processor, the SP5's framerate is highly dependend on the number of markers visible in the camera image.

Vidente on i-mate SP5





High-End Smartphone (MDA Pro)

Processor: 520MHz ARM

3D: Software OpenGL ES

Screen: 640x480

Camera: 320x240

OS: Windows Mobile 2005

Weight: 285g

Framerate: 12-20 fps

With its fast 520MHz processor, the MDA Pro has enough pro-cessing power for fast multi-marker tracking and software rendering.

Vidente on i-mate SP5






Processor: 400MHz ARM

3D: Hardware OpenGL ES

Screen: 320x240

Camera: 320x240

OS: Windows CE 4.21

Weight: 181g

Framerate: 13-25 fps

With its Goforce 4500 GPU, the Gizmondo can use all its CPU power for tracking and therefore achieves high and stable frame rates.

Vidente on i-mate SP5





Pictures from the ISMAR 2006 demo event


The following pictures were taken during ISMAR 2006 by Daniel Pustka from TU Munich.







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