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The Handheld Augmented Reality
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Graz University of Technology




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Online Creation of Panoramic Augmented Reality Annotations on Mobile Phones



Illustration of panoramical-mapped annotations


Our vision-based system for creating and tracking annotations anchor points presents an improvement over regular compass-based annotation systems. Our tracking approach allows creating annotations in place and storing them in a self-descriptive way on a server, in order to allow a later re-identification. We use GPS information for efficient indexing, but identify the label positions using template matching against the panoramic map (see our work on panorama mapping and tracking) with pixel-accuracy. This approach yields accurate and robust registration of annotations with the environment, even if seen from a slightly different position compared to where the annotation was created.

The system can be used in large-scale indoor and outdoor scenarios and offers an accurate mapping of the annotations to physical objects.



Workflow of the presented system



Video footage presenting the system


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